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HTML Project

Hi there!!!!!

Long time no write in here. It’s been a while since I got things to do. I never thought I’ve done my exam week so quick, but I’m still glad though.

Anyway, my teacher at school named Mr. Ari taught my friends and I about HTML. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. And, it’s kind of fun, because we can make our own site.

First, I wanted to make my own blog with my own design, but it took too much time. So, I just got an idea and I made one, just a simple one. It’s about song lyrics from Birdy. You’d better check it out. Click here.

I tried once open that “Click here” thingy and I couldn’t open it. So you can see from the picture……….here

Screen shot 2012-12-08 at 4.55.25 PM

The other reason why I didn’t make my own site, it’s because I ย already have two! One is in here, another is in Blogspot, hahahaha. So yeah, to many blogs will take time and drag me to stare the laptop all the time.

I think that’s all what I want to say right now. I have nothing to say anymore, so arrivederci!




I Applied For a Job!

Last week, I learned about applying a job with a curriculum vitae. IT WAS GREAT! Rebecca, my Australian teacher, gave my friends and I a job summary she wanted us to be. And…, we had to apply a job with our own words, yes we had to make CV by ourselves. I was given a job summary about being waitress or chef. And I was like “OMG! I LIKE BEING CHEF!” And soon I made one applying job a CV. Here’s a job summary and my CV. ๐Ÿ™‚


Location: Ormeau, QLD 4208

Industries: Restaurant and Food Services

Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent

Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Job Reference Code: 1062479

Contact Information: Ormeau, QLD 4208


Waitress/Chef Northern Gold Coast Experienced Required Part time (20-25hrs) Friday, Saturday and Sunday Phone 0411 073 654


Dear Mr./Mrs.,

I saw your advertisement in your window last week. I would like to apply the position of Chef Northern Gold Coast in your restaurant. I am available to work part-time or even full time and permanent.

I am very interested in food. I am a professional cook and I have good personalities. I am an experienced, hard-working, and friendly person who could excellently benefit your business. Although I am good at cooking and socializing, I have to learn more about food services in your business. I am independent and confident employee who wants to be a chef and hope to be given opportunity to myself.

Please refers to my CV for the employment details.

Faithfully yours,

Tika Pratiwi


Tika Pratiwi

7 Dakota Street, Gold Coast



Gold Coast College of Cooking S2

Sydney College of Food and Nutrition S1


Waltz Restaurant, Gold Coast: Chef since 2006

Dondon Restaurant, Gold Coast: Waitress from 2002-2006

Tri-Magic Cafe, Gold Coast: Waitress from 2002-2002


Food and cooking are my main hobbies.

My mom taught me well about how to cook with patient.

I am independently intellegent to cook Australian, European, and Asian food, well.

THAT’S A RAP! How is it? Was it good enough? Well, that was my several times making the CV for applying a job (just for practicing).

I hope this writing is useful for someone who just know how the CV look like. ๐Ÿ˜›

Thank you, everyone! x


Poem: Kesepian Dalam Nadiku

“Kerumunan orang di suatu zaman

Sekali kutatap wajah mereka

Rasa girang bercampur sedih

Tetapi terus aku bertanya

Sepi dan hampa

Hanya angin yang menari bebas

Tak lupa kukecup burung cantik

Dan kupangku jemari dengan lembut

Aku terdiam

Tetapi pikiranku adalah sebuah fantasi

Ingin ku terbang mengelilingi angkasa

Ingin ku tarik semua silat lidah mereka

Apa dayaku kini

Nadiku melemah tak bersahabat

Kesepian merayap dalam darahku

Aku hanya seorang diri

Sukmaku berkata tidak pada hari senja

Tanpa melihat, waktu terus berlari

Akupun mendengar suara ombak

Yang menyapu seluruh jiwaku

Masam hatiku, masam pikiranku

Membuka pintu hati untuk memaafkan

Tetapi tetap saja aku sendiri

Hanya merasa kesepian dalam diriku”


That was my teacher’s project. We, the students, had to make a poem by each person. And, Ta-Da! I made one. ๐Ÿ™‚


Interested in Peacefulness

Hell-o, everyone.

Finally, I’ve got time to open this site and I’m going to make a post. Yeay!

As you guys know, I love traveling, things that related to world cultures and view. Well, last week I watched “The Decoy Bride” movie and it was good, especially for the viewing part. I think that movie was taken around Scotland. And now, I start being interested in Scotland. Is that make sense, when you watched a movie and you started loving the view of that movie?

I’m not promoting a movie, but I’m promoting the country where the movie was taken. ๐Ÿ˜€

This is part of Scotland. This is what we call a peacefulness. It started with watching a movie and reading a book, actually, entitled “They Wear What Under Their Kilts?”. It’s about a girl, exploring the world around West Europe with her memorable experiences, well it’s a novel series. Hmmm, I like the way that Scottish talk and show their cultures spontaneously. And, yes, I do like the view; mountains, seas, castles, etc.

I do really hope that somehow I could go to Scotland and be a free-young-girl with a camera, a notebook, and a pen on my hand. Couldn’t hope so far away until today, and I will hope and dream more about my wishes that were stored under my mind.

TIPS: Not just only you dream about something big, but prove it, prove to people who think you are small. Prove to them that you are big for the world. Starting with learning something everyday.ย ๐Ÿ™‚


English Project, Child Abuse

Hi there! ๐Ÿ˜€

Child Abuse

This is for my English project in my English course, making a poster. But, this is what I had to say when I spoke to audiences about my poster. The theme of the poster is Child Harassment or Child Abuse. I had to explain about the description of it, why it is a problem, what the causes and effects, how we can solve it and I made a slogan, “EVERY CHILD HAS A RIGHT TO LIVE BETTER.”



Poem: For Once

For once, I just want to fit in with others and feel to be the one who is known by others.

For once, I want to be loved by someone who is really special for me.

For once, I want they see me as good as not just the black-fatty girl side.

For once, I want to feel myself as a bird who feel peace and free to catch the dreams.

For once, I want to look at my reflection and say that I’m pretty and I can.

For once, I just want someone smiles at me sincerely.

For once, I want someone can comfort me easily.

For once, I just want to touch the snow in England nor America and enjoying the coffee while I read novels.

For once, I want to see my huge family laughing together.

For once, I just want not to feel hopeless.

For once, I just want to smile and say thank to God that He is the best of the best who created me as myself.



Poem: Mother’s Day!

“Perempuan sejati tanpa pedang

Menahan amarah dalam kehidupan

Berjuang terlihat tersenyum dalam kegelapan yang mencekam

Setegar batu disapu badai ombak

Selembut kain sutra tertangkap mata-mata ganas

Abaikan segala bencana

Tetap berjalan melihat kegoncangan keluarga

Menggendong segala beban di suatu kala

Dan selalu memilih agar anaknya terlelap tidur

Mencintai segenap hati pada suami

Mencairkan suasana, menghidupkan dinding kematian

Aku terpana melihat Ibu tersenyum

Melindungiku dan memelukkuย 

Menangis setiap waktu di ketenangan malam

Tertawa bahagia bersama diriku

Suatu hari kami menangis

Setiap air mata adalah keindahan masa kami

Setiap kata adalah mutiara”

I made it just now for a quarter of an hour. For your information, I woke up this morning, hugged my mom and I cried for minutes. It was very emotional. I don’t think that I’ll give a present to my mom, but I’m going to make her proud of me.

Thank you to my mom who gives me EVERYTHING.

Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy your day!

22.12.2011. Bandung, Indonesia.