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Poem: Mother’s Day!


Hello guys! I'm Tika and this is my public blog. I write about my daily life and things I like and dream about. Enjoy!


December 2011
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Life Quotes

1. Live every act fully, as if it were your last.
2. Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.
-Danny Kaye
3. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
-Albert Einstein
4. Every second is of infinite value.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
5. Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox


“Perempuan sejati tanpa pedang

Menahan amarah dalam kehidupan

Berjuang terlihat tersenyum dalam kegelapan yang mencekam

Setegar batu disapu badai ombak

Selembut kain sutra tertangkap mata-mata ganas

Abaikan segala bencana

Tetap berjalan melihat kegoncangan keluarga

Menggendong segala beban di suatu kala

Dan selalu memilih agar anaknya terlelap tidur

Mencintai segenap hati pada suami

Mencairkan suasana, menghidupkan dinding kematian

Aku terpana melihat Ibu tersenyum

Melindungiku dan memelukku 

Menangis setiap waktu di ketenangan malam

Tertawa bahagia bersama diriku

Suatu hari kami menangis

Setiap air mata adalah keindahan masa kami

Setiap kata adalah mutiara”

I made it just now for a quarter of an hour. For your information, I woke up this morning, hugged my mom and I cried for minutes. It was very emotional. I don’t think that I’ll give a present to my mom, but I’m going to make her proud of me.

Thank you to my mom who gives me EVERYTHING.

Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy your day!

22.12.2011. Bandung, Indonesia.



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